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The Faculty of Sciences and Technologies is a university research and teaching institution (UFR). The role of the Faculty is to promote and develop education and research in the following areas - mathematics, information technology, physics and other sciences for engineers (energy, electronics, automation, etc.), chemistry, the life sciences and the geosciences. The Faculty is tasked with developing relationships between the academic world and all participants in society. It works to create links with the professional world and to make the Bachelor, Master and Doctorate in Sciences and Technologies courses a true source of scientific excellence for Réunion Island businesses and for our laboratories - the Technopole.

Since the beginning of the 2010 academic year, the Faculty, supported by its seven teaching departments and eight research laboratories, has offered a balanced and rich educational portfolio so that you can find learning pathways to match your goals (see Courses).

The Faculty of Sciences and Technologies research projects (see Laboratories) were initially based on a combination of studies focusing on natural environments.

Réunion Island, exceptional for its endemism and a site of planetary value in heritage and scientific terms, naturally found its place amongst the world’s hot spots for the observation and study of biodiversity and the geosphere.

In addition, over the last two decades, Réunion Island has a seen a rise in living standards to European levels (life space, technological equipment, etc.) leading to the emergence of new needs in education, research and development, scientific research and innovation.

These primarily relate to ICT (information technology, telecommunications and electronics), agri-food, energy and health.

The Faculty of Sciences and Technologies has been involved in these technological fields for the past ten years.

The major topics for research at the Faculty of Sciences and Technologies revolve around one axis – environments and sustainable development.  Accordingly, research has developed in three directions. 
•    Natural Environments and Biodiversity,
•    Technologies - Energy, Electronics, ICT, Biotechnologies, Agri-Food Studies, etc.
•    Health

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