Faculté des Sciences et Technologies (La Réunion): Presentation

UFR Sciences et Technologies - Université de La Réunion


The Science and Technology Faculty is a university department (what the French call a Unité de Formation et de Recherche – UFR). The Faculty’s mission is to promote and develop training and research in the following areas: mathematics, IT, engineering physics and sciences (energetics, electronics, automation, etc.), chemistry, life sciences, geosciences. It aims at developing relations between the academic world and the other branches of society.

It strives to join forces with the corporate world and to help the Science and Technology Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees become excellence-shaping tools for companies in La Réunion, for our labs and La Technopole.

Since the beginning of the academic year 2010, with the help of its 7 training units and 8 research labs, the Faculty has offered an extensive and well-balanced training portfolio so that you might find the right curriculum for your project. (see Training).

The Science and Technology Faculty’s research works (see LABS) were first inspired by a group of studies on natural environments.

La Réunion, the Mecca of endemism and highly-valued site in the world from a heritage and scientific point of view, has a permanent place among the planet’s « hot spots » for the observation and study of biodiversity and geosphere.

Moreover, in the past two decades, La Réunion reached the European standards of living (living environment, technologies, etc.) fostering new training, R&D, research and innovation needs; especially in the sectors of ICT (computer, telecom, electronics), agri-food, energetics and health.

The Science and Technology Faculty has been involved in these technological disciplines for 10 years. The Faculty’s main research subjects are built around one overall focus, which is environments and sustainable development, and branch out into three fields:

  • Natural environments and biodiversity,
  • The key technology pillars of the territory (ICT, energetics, agri-food, etc.)
  • Health

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